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The Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors (IACCAI) is a statewide professional organization for postsecondary agriculture instructors. .

The Illinois Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. .

The Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education in Agriculture program offers unique educational programs to Illinois youth in 4-H and FFA. .

The purpose of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Program is to encourage educators to incorporate more information about the agriculture, food, and natural resources system into daily lessons..
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The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois' agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources.. provides information about the Agricultural Education profession and encourages students to consider a career as an agriculture teacher..

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Monday, September 11, 2017

To All District 1 Teachers:

1.  Graduate Survey – Due September 15th

2.  IFG Budgets – Due September 30th

3.  AET – Updates

4.  IAVAT Membership – Due October 31st

5.  FFA Membership Rosters – Due November 1st

6.  Remind Text Messages

7.  Thought to Share


1.  Graduate Survey – Due September 15th

Please take a few moments to let us know what your 2017 seniors, who took an Agriculture/Horticulture class at some time in high school, are doing now.  Involve your counseling department if needed to complete this form. Choose the approproate post-graduate plans for each of your senior students listed below. If you have additional graduates you need to add, follow the instructions below the senior list.  This form must be finalized and submitted by Friday, September 15th. Print a copy for your files. 

If you have students that moved and need to be deleted, please email the names to me and I will delete. 

Login to, locate AgEd Programs in the top row, then click on IFGA Applications, then graduate survey in green.  Click here for a demonstration video for the Graduate Survey.

D1 schools below, those that are finalized are indicated with the completion date in parenthesis.  Great to see that several are completed – THANK YOU!

  Amboy (5/22/2017)
  Ashton-Franklin Center (5/4/2017)
  Brimfield (5/23/2017)
  Bureau Valley
  Byron (5/15/2017)
  Cambridge (5/22/2017)
  Chadwick-Milledgeville (5/3/2017)
  Elmwood (4/27/2017)
  Forreston (5/17/2017)
  Kewanee (5/19/2017)
  La Moille (5/30/2017)
  Lena-Winslow (5/9/2017)
  Mercer County (5/8/2017)
  Midland (5/17/2017)
  Monmouth-Roseville (8/23/2017)
  Orangeville (6/23/2017)
  Oregon (5/16/2017)
  Orion (5/10/2017)
  Pearl City (6/27/2017)
  Pecatonica (8/30/2017)
  Princeville (9/7/2017)
  Putnam County
  River Ridge (6/27/2017)
  Riverdale (8/18/2017)
  Roanoke-Benson (6/28/2017)
  Rockridge (5/26/2017)
  ROWVA (9/7/2017)
  Scales Mound (5/8/2017)
  Stark County (5/23/2017)
  Sterling (5/18/2017)
  Stillman Valley
  Stockton (8/29/2017)
  United (5/18/2017)
  Warren (9/5/2017)
  West Carroll (5/4/2017)
  West Central (6/5/2017)
  Wethersfield (8/29/2017)
  Williamsfield (5/17/2017)


2.  IFG Budgets – Due September 30th

Your school's FY18 Ag Grant Budget can now be completed in the Illinois State Board of Education(ISBE) IWAS system.   You will need your ELIS account username and password to login to this site.  A few changes have occurred with the IWAS system since last year.  These changes can be viewed at this link.  If you submit the grant by September 30, 2017, your school will secure a July 1, 2017 start date for the grant, meaning that allowable expenses would be eligible for the grant as early as July 1st.   Grant submissions after September 30th would have a new start date

After IWAS login, then click on System Listing on the left side, then click on Agricultural Education Incentive grant.  The below wording will show at the top of the page. Click yes to create a 2017-18 Ag Grant Budget form.
This Program Allows you to have multiple projects.
Would you like to create a new project for the current year?Yes

View the top header row, start from the far-left tab (Applicant Information) and keep clicking each tab to the right to complete.

Attached is a one-page summary of function codes, object codes, and examples of allowable expenditures.  Click here for a list of ideas for what to use your IFG money on to build-up your program.  Remember - 10% of the grant can be used for consumable materials (ink cartridges, potting soil, welding rods, etc.).

FY17 Ag Grant Allocations are starting to flow electronically from the Comptroller's Office.  

If you have questions, please let me know and I can assist you through the process.  Click here for Harley Hepner’s webinar on the FY18 IFG Budget process with the changes for this year.


3.  AET – Updates

The state subscription trial for AET record system expires in October 15, 2017.  If you choose to continue to use AET, you will need to arrange for payment of your members' subscriptions with AET.  Click here for the listserv message about AET that was sent on August 11, 2017.  THANK YOU!

If you have a transfer member who was using AET at their previous school and they want to continue to use AET, you just need to contact AET by email at and request them to update the chapter for your member.


4.  IAVAT Membership – Due October 31st

John Edgar sent out a listserv message on September 7th with information on IAVAT membership for the 2017-2018 school year.  Click here to view that message


5.  FFA Membership – Due November 1st

Mindy Bunselmeyer sent out a listerv message on September 8th with information about FFA membership and details of the changes from the National FFA office.  Click here to view Mindy’s message.


6.  Remind Text Messages

Megan Coy is organizing a text message group to remind agriculture teachers and FFA advisors of upcoming events and deadlines.  Click here for more information about signing up for these reminder text messages.


7.  Thought to Share

A person is rich according to what they are, not according to what they have.

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