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Report/Update - National FFA, Newsletter, AET Best Practices, IL FFA Updates, 212 Letter & More

Friday, January 04, 2019

*** Sent to All Contacts

Items in this listserv:

****NEW Information****

1.  Report/Update from National FFA

2.  AET Best Practices

3.  212 Letter for North & South 

4.  PAS Update - Professional Agriculture Students

5.  FFA Board Meeting Highlights from January 4, 2019 Meeting

6.  2019 Illinois FFA Alumni Gator Raffle 

1.  Report/Update from National FFA

Click here to view the latest Report/Update from National FFA.  Ben Meyer will be the interim LPS staff member for Illinois until they hire someone to replace Larry Gossen. 

Items to note from the National Report:  

  1. 2019 is the LAST year to get FREE proficiency pins from National FFA.
  2. American FFA Degree information from Nationals - PLEASE review if you have an American FFA Degree candidate.  
  3. REVIEW the Scholarship information!  
  4. National website change took place in September, removed a lot of log in needs, so you can access most general information without having to log in.

  5. AgriScience - starting this year and moving forward, there will be no leniency for missing forms/documents, it will be a disqualification or just marked as a participant.  He has provided a link in his report that will allow teachers/students to import an abstract to place in the correct area. They want to be proactive in getting projects placed correctly before it gets through the state level and on to National, so they do not have to disqualify the project.

  6. STAR battery is an embedded part of the American Degree application now.  It is not a separate application. The student must check the box that they want to be considered as a STAR candidate.  Some technical corrections have been made within the application for non-paid hours. The application is to be submitted electronically, along with all the signatures.  There are no hard copies required by National FFA for the American Degree application. Membership checks are done, community service standards enforced.

  7. Proficiency awards, not a lot of changes.  But a link in his report will provide for updated descriptions, they want to help students apply in the correct area, so there are no disqualifications.

  8. Scholarships are now live, the application is outside of, if problems, go to and click on the link and it will take you to an outside provider.  The process is more student-driven, but do need to have their FFA ID number to access the application. Advisor still has a place to review the application. Students can link to their FAFSA.  

  9. Tractor Supply Grants will be open shortly.  TSC wants to engage with FFA chapters.

2.  **NEW** AET Best Practices

The IAVAT SAE Committee has worked diligently on your behalf to create an AET Best Practices document in hopes that it helps you in working with record books within AET.  This document is the beginning of something that we feel will be very helpful, it is a work in progress and will have more information and best practices added to it as "record book season" progresses.  

Under the recommendation of the IAVAT Board, we also created an SAE and Proficiency Awards question form so that we can compile frequently asked questions and add those FAQs and their answers to the Best Practices document.  Click here to open the form and submit any and all questions you may have in regards to SAEs, keeping records, completing apps and/or Proficiency Awards.  Your questions will be addressed and then added to the Best Practices document as a FAQ.  

Once you open the form - please type your detailed question.  Your question will be answered by state staff, logged, and then by reviewed the SAE Committee, the IAVAT Board and FFA Board.  Based on the nature of the question - your question will generate discussion to potentially update policy, update the AET Best Practices document or simply be answered.  Your questions help ensure that everyone gets their questions, issues and concerns addressed.  Thank you for asking questions and making things better for the future.  

3.  212 Letter for North & South

Click here to view the 212 South - Collinsville location letter.  

Click here to view the 212 North - Schaumburg location letter.  

4.  PAS Update - Professional Agriculture Students

Attention, Attention, Illinois and National PAS have had a recent name change! As of November 2, 2018, Illinois PAS NOW stands for Professional Agriculture Students.  So update those quiz bowl files!  

5.  FFA Board Meeting Highlights from January 4, 2019 Meeting

As always, Illinois FFA Board minutes can be found on the website under the General Downloads tab.  Be sure to review the minutes and ask about any questions or concerns you may have. 

Topics of Notice and/or Section Concerns to mention from the Board meeting minutes:

  • Cardinals ticket/game with Illinois FFA

    • This year it is a Cardinals/Cubs game.  The game is on September 29, 2019. Currently a day game, but can be changed, depending on playoff status. Price is yet to be set. - proceeds go to the Illinois Foundation FFA.

  • IHSA Amendment Update

    • Due to IHSA approval, in the 2019 - 2020 school year, Novice Parliamentary Procedure will be eliminated and replaced with Conduct of Chapter Meeting. 

    • THIS is the LAST year that Illinois FFA will have both Novice Parliamentary Procedure and Conduct of Chapter Meeting LDEs. 

    • THIS is the LAST Year that the Illinois winner in Novice Parliamentary Procedure will represent Illinois FFA at the National FFA Conduct of Chapter meeting LDE. 

    • Novice Parliamentary Procedure in its final year for Illinois FFA remains is just 9th-grade members, while Conduct of Chapter meeting this year remains just for 7th and 8th-grade members.   

    • Beginning with 2019-2020 Conduct of Chapter meeting will be for 7, 8, 9 graders members to compete in Conduct of Chapter meeting.  And no more Novice Parli-Pro will be conducted.

6.  2019 Illinois FFA Alumni Gator Raffle 

Tickets are on sale for a John Deere Gator.  Would you like to sell and/or purchase tickets?  Would you like to have the Gator at your event?  Please contact Patti Davis at or by calling (217) 753-3328 Ext. 107 for more information. 

The prices for the Gator tickets are as follows:

  • 1 for $10
  • 3 for $25
  • 20 for $100

The winning ticket will be drawn at the Illinois State FFA Convention on Thursday, June 13, 2019, at 1:30 p.m.  The winner will be responsible for all taxes.  The FFA Chapter or Alumni that sells the winning ticket will receive $300.  The Illinois FFA Alumni will continue to give 40% of the number of tickets sold by the FFA Chapter and/or Alumni. 

**** PREVIOUS Information Shared...WORTH Sharing Again****

1.  WLC Registration for the Illinois Trip

Click here to view that listserv message sent by the FFA Center 

2.  Illinois FFA Day with the Fighting Illini Basketball Game

Click here to view that listserv message sent by the FFA Center 

3.  Officer Candidate and Parent Orientation

Click here to view that listserv message sent by the FFA Center 

4.  State and American FFA Degree Information

Click here to view that listserv message sent by the FFA Center 

5.  Foundation Minimum Contribution of $100 to qualify for Section E on IFGA

Click here to view that original listserv message sent by Dean Dittmar 

6.  Illinois Foundation FFA Hopper Funds

Click here to view the Hopper Funds Incentives shared at 2018 IAVAT Conference, can also be found on the Illinois Foundation FFA Toolkit.  

7.  Foundation Goal Reminder & Steps to Local Collection Drive.  

Click here to view that listserv message sent by the FFA Center 

8.  Fall Newsletter

Click here to view the compiled Illinois FFA Fall Newsletter.  Newsletter articles are posted on the Illinois Association FFA Facebook page on nearly a weekly basis.  Once all of those posted, the final compilation results in our Fall newsletter also found on the website under the Teachers tab in the General Downloads section.  

****DATES and DEADLINES to Remember****

  • January 15 - American FFA Degree Intent - Click Here for intent
  • January 31 - Deadline for Foundation Program and Stage Recognition for Sponsorship and Local Collection Drive
  • February 1 - IAA Foundation Scholarships DUE - Click Here for info
  • February 6 - National FFA Scholarship Application DUE
  • February 16 - Early Bird Food & Vet Science CDE Registration 
  • March 1 - American FFA Degree Application DUE
  • March 1 - Sam Taylor Scholarship Application DUE
  • March 8 - Top 10 Section President Application DUE
  • March 8 - Heritage Application DUE
  • March 8 - Cooperative Application DUE
  • March 15 - Selection Committee Application DUE 
  • March 19 - Illinois Ag Legislative Day
  • March 22 - Early Bird Dairy Cattle & Handlers CDE Registration
  • April 1 - Honorary State FFA Degree Application DUE 
  • April 12 - Mandatory Reasons Livestock CDE Registration
  • April 12 - Mandatory Horticulture CDE Registration
  • April 12 - Early Bird Non-Reasons & Poultry CDE Registration
  • April 13 - Illinois FFA Major State Officer Selection Committee Day
  • April 17 - Early Bird Ag Business Management CDE Registration
  • April 15 - National Chapter Award DUE
  • April 15 - State Convention Band Application DUE
  • April 15 - State Convention Chorus Application DUE
  • April 15 - State Convention Talent Application DUE
  • May 1 - Chapter President Award Application DUE
  • May 1 - Chapter and Section Reporter Award Application DUE
  • May 15 - Eldon Witt Scholarship Application 
  • May 15 - State Convention Courtesy Corps Application DUE
  • May 15 - State Convention Farm Credit Newsroom Application DUE
  • May 31 - Chapter Scrapbook Intent to Compete at State Convention
  • June 1 - State Ag Issues Materials DUE
  • June 1 - State Prepared Public Speaking Manuscripts DUE via email
  • June 1 - State Job Interview Materials DUE

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