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In 1984, a grassroots movement from the Illinois agriculture industry recognized that agriculture is central to the welfare and economic stability of the state, and requires a continued source of trained and qualified individuals for employment in agriculture. That movement resulted in creation of the Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE).


In 1986, the Illinois General Assembly legislated that a comprehensive program for agricultural education be created and maintained by the public school system for all school districts. The Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) was formed. In 1987, the first agricultural education line item within the Illinois State Board of Education budget was approved at $48,500.  When the line item was increased to $1,000,000 in 1989, the Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education Project (FCAE) was developed by the Illinois State Board of Education to assist in the coordination of improvement and expansion efforts in agricultural education.  The current funding level for the agricultural education line item is $1,800,000.
ICAE Members
Annual Reports  

Historical Key Dates
1. Dec. 13, 1984 - Ag Ed Organizational meeting—79 attended
2. March 7, 1985 ILCAE was organized—25 attended
3. August  13, 1985 ILCAE Constitution adopted
4. Nov. 26, 1985 1st Annual Meeting of ILCAE
5. Dec. 1985 A Plan “Building Illinois through Quality Agricultural Education” adopted
6. April 2, 1986 HB 3200—Rep. Ropp
7. April 10, 1986 SB 1980—Sen. Maitland
8. Sept. 19, 1986 Gov. Thompson signed SB 255 into law—Public Act 84-1452 creating the ICAE
9. Nov. 18, 1986 Agricultural Education Strategy Planning Meeting—33 attended
10. Dec. 16, 1986 2nd Annual Meeting of the ILCAE
11. April 19, 1987 ICAE was organized
12. July 7-9, 1987 Agricultural Teacher In-service Workshop
13. Nov. 14, 1987 3rd Annual Meeting of the ILCAE and established awards for Agri-Business, Legislative, Education and Communications
14. May 19, 1989 1st Annual meeting ICAE
15. Sept. 20, 1989 Agricultural Education Symposium “ Designing the Future for Agricultural Education”
16. Oct. 6-7, 1989 2nd Inservice workshop for agricultural teachers—Agri-Science
17. Oct. 25, 1988 Video Conference ’88—The National Forum on Agricultural Education  in the U.S.
18. Dec. 16, 1988 4th Annual Meeting of ILCAE